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Polarized lenses in sunglasses reduce glare

Glasses not only protect from UV rays and reduce eye strain but are also an important element of style. For you to fall in love with this accessory, it must be in harmony with the proportions of your face. What do you need to remember? The eyes are clearly in the center of the lens. The eyelashes do not touch the frame. The frame itself fits to the nose and ears, but doesn't press or rub anywhere.

Now you know the basic rules. What styles will suit your facial features? Read OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Aviator

This model is an excellent choice for women with expressive cheekbones and angular chin lines. "Aviator" helps to balance the features of the face. One of the biggest advantages of these glasses is their versatility. They fit into business, sports and casual outfits.


2. Wayfarer

Trapezoidal model with beveled corners suits girls with a "square" face. And those who have a more rounded head should take a closer look at "Wayfarer" models with frames in the form of horizontal rectangles. Classic glasses with black lenses give an image of restraint and severity. But if you want to create a lighter look, try on a colored accessory.


3. Dragonfly

Do you have high and wide cheekbones? The mysterious "Dragonfly" model with large rounded lenses will emphasize it. In general, such glasses fit almost everyone. The exception is ladies with round faces.


4. Cat Eye

If you have a narrow chin, consider glasses with pointed upper corners. They are called the Cat Eye. You will add playfulness and cunning to the image with such frames . And also you will correct the rhombus and heart shapes of your face.


5. Clubmaster

Straight chin lines harmonize with glasses that have rounded lenses. "Clubmaster" draws attention to the eyes and emphasizes the brow line. It also make the facial features softer. Models in black tones without additional accessories look restrained and effective with business suits and casual style.


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