She was called the "alien": how a Mexican with exotic looks conquered the catwalks and made the whole world talk about her. Photo by

A Mexican with exotic looks conquered the catwalks

It's no secret that girls with unconventional looks often reach great heights in modeling. It is not necessary to have "perfect" standard facial features to be in demand among designers, brands and fashion magazines. Mexican Issa Lish proved this by example.

She is half-Mexican and half-Japanese. This combination has made Issa one of the most successful models in Mexico and far beyond. OBOZREVATEL decided to show a beauty with exotic looks that conquered the world's catwalks.

The Mexican with Asian roots from childhood looked like an alien creature, as she was repeatedly told by those around her. However, Lish was not offended by this.



She attracted the attention of modeling agencies when she was still a schoolgirl. And it happened purely by accident. Issa's father owned a sushi bar in Mexico. One day the girl got into trouble, so her father made her help out in the place. That day a casting agent from the fashion industry came to the bar. She immediately drew attention to the exotic appearance of the schoolgirl and offered to attend one of the castings.



And so began Lish's professional journey. The girl has always had a lean physique and tall, which is known to be the ideal parameters for a model.



Over the years of her career, Issa managed to grace the cover of Vogue, both Japanese and Mexican. Soon Italy was added to this list.


The model has worked with Prada and other famous fashion houses.



At the same time, the girl did not plan to become a professional model. She went to university where she studied art history. However, modeling agencies showered Lish with lucrative offers with large fees, so she decided to drop out of school and devote herself entirely to modeling.



True, art is still present in Lish's life. She enjoys drawing and often shares her work on social media. The pictures of the model are as unusual and interesting as her appearance.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL also showed how the girl who removed six ribs for the sake of a waist of 36 centimeters looks. Because of the complicated operation, the model almost died. However, she did not stop and continued to do plastic surgery, bringing her appearance "to perfection".

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