Seven mistakes you shouldn't make if you have thin hair: the consequences will be disastrous

It is important to cleanse your hair properly
It is important to cleanse your hair properly. Source: Getty

Doing your own styling is not an easy task. When creating a hairstyle, you should take into account all the features of your hair.

Sparse hair requires a special approach, it is very vulnerable and the use of styling products can be harmful. OBOZREVATEL talks about seven mistakes that owners of brittle and thin hair should not make.

  • Too much indelible cosmetics

Some girls mistakenly believe that fine hair needs a lot of care products and styling products. With minimal use, gels, mousses, sprays and balms can work wonders for thin hair. Too much hair gel or cream can weigh down the strands and completely steal the root volume.

  • Straight haircut

A layered hairstyle can increase the volume and hide sparse hair. Voluminous hairstyles with sharp ends, curtain bangs, short or medium length are a winning option. A hairstyle without bangs will showcase the wide parting that girls with sparse hair usually have.

Voluminous hairstyles massage all hair types.
  • Conditioner

A common mistake is to use a conditioner all over the hair. This product makes the roots heavier and the hair quickly becomes greasy. The product should be applied from the middle to the ends, without touching the roots.

  • Long hair

Shoulder-length or shorter hair is most attractive for fine hair. Very long hair can look lifeless and "heavy". Medium hair is lightweight, so it will be easier to create root volume.

Seven mistakes you shouldn't make if you have thin hair: the consequences will be disastrous
  • Scalp

To stimulate new hair growth, you should try a shampoo with exfoliating particles or a scalp scrub. They are designed to remove dirt and exfoliate hair follicles. A scrub will provide deeper cleansing, removing dirt and grease. However, it should not be used more than once a week.

  • Blow dryer

You need to dry your hair properly with a brush brush, which is usually used in a hairdresser's shop. First, apply a mousse or volumising spray and use a round brush to lift the hair up and away from the roots. This trick can be tricky to master, but it is indispensable when styling thin or sparse hair.

  • Split ends

Thin hair is prone to split ends. Damage can occur not only at the bottom, but also along the entire length of the hair. You can prevent the problem with proper cleaning and care. Use a microfibre towel and a soft brush for combing. These products will preserve your hair and help prevent damage.

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