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Fashion rules for the royal family

The beautiful ladies of the British royal family must always look elegant, stylish and appropriate. There are hundreds of rules for royalty to follow when creating their fashionable look: from a discreet manicure to the compulsory wearing of tights. Agree that this special royal dress code often wants to be inherited, and Kate Middleton's modern bows are an example of refined taste, so many people try to repeat them.

OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about some of the fashion rules of the royal family, which were formed many years ago. The heiresses of the crown still adhere to them, although increasingly interpreted in a more modern way.

Manicure only nudes

When you come to your manicurist, you long and tediously choose the color of nail polish from a huge palette of different shades. In the royal family there are no problems with this, because the manicure of the monarchs should be discreet and restrained, and therefore the ladies always put on their nails varnish in pastel colors: transparent, beige, milky, soft pink.

The purse should be held in the left hand

Women in the royal family mostly choose clutch bags for formal occasions. But for walks, business meetings and travel they take handbags. Etiquette expert Micki Meier points out that ladies wear this accessory in their left hand to be able to greet the public with their right hand.

Clutches help secure the hands

As we have already noticed, clutches are frequent companions of royals at official receptions and other solemn events. You may have noticed that Kate Middleton often holds the clutch in front of her with both hands. This is done for a reason. This way the Princess of Wales can fix the position of her hands and avoid shaking hands when it is not required. It's a great lifehack for photo shoots, by the way.

Not just skirts and dresses

When we think of members of the royal family, we must agree that we imagine them most often in dresses and heels. However, more and more often women of the royal dynasty prefer elegant trouser suits - stylish and sophisticated. By the way, Elizabeth II was one of the first to introduce the wearing of pants by women in the masses, when it was still an absolute curiosity. Princess Diana also liked comfortable pants and even jeans. And today Kate Middleton is often seen in such outfits.

Hats – an old tradition

Many people associate the late Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain with her colorful, spectacular hats, which she matched the color of her main attire. It turns out that it is a long tradition that women of the royal family must keep their hair hidden under a headdress. Up until the 1950s, women very rarely went out without a hat or, for example, a headscarf. Now the monarchs wear headgear only for official events. By the way, the brightness of Elizabeth II's outfits was also justified. It was necessary to stand out from the crowd, giving people the opportunity to remember her.

Weighted clothing

In order to prevent clothes from developing in the wind and causing embarrassment, the ladies of the royal family often wore weighted skirts and dresses. One of Elizabeth II's former couturiers, Stuart Parvin, said that he sewed small weights to the hem of the Queen's clothes.

Transparent tights

According to etiquette, the women in this family never appear in public at all with bare feet - they always wear transparent tights. Although, in fact, this rule is not spelled out anywhere, but its implementation is mandatory.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, TikTok has increasingly begun to repeat the makeup called "revenge makeup". This is a bold, catchy, glamorous makeup that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and make you the star of the evening. This trend is related to Princess Diana. How exactly - read in our material.

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