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Bright Images for Summer 2023.

In summer 2023 stylists and couturiers advise to wear clothes in a bright palette: from rich purple to fuchsia, or from cornflower to emerald. All these colors will not only make any of your images spectacular, but also throughout the day will charge a good mood.

What colors should you add to your closet in the heat? We tell you in the article OBOZREVATEL.

1. Yellow

You can create a total look or add an accent to the image in this color (top, T-shirt, shorts, sneakers, sandals, skirt, scarf or bag). Lemon or pastel yellow successfully combines with emerald, white, blue, gray, blue, orange, turquoise, burgundy, brown or walnut.


2. Pink

Fuchsia or soft pink will be easy to combine with achromatic colors - black, gray and white. But one of the most popular ensembles this season is pink and green. In such a combination it is difficult to go unnoticed. It is very extravagant and effective.


3. Green

Things in emerald or deep green always look elegant and noble. This applies to dresses, shorts or skirts as well as to classic pants or loose-fitting suits. You will not make a mistake if you combine green with white, black, blue, yellow or beige in your outfit.


4. Red

This is a rather capricious color. It is not easy to choose a shade. For everyday looks, poppy or strawberry is the best choice. It perfectly refreshes, gives the image warmth, naturalness, youthfulness, without hinting at infantilism or excessive simplicity.


5. Blue

The advantage of blue is that it can be safely called "universal". It is suitable for most colortypes of people, and helps to create austere, light, casual and even dressy images. No wonder why things in this palette do not go out of fashion for years.


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