Russian media disgraced themselves with crazy nonsense about Tina Karol: she was Zelensky's and Kolomoisky's mistress, , and "drove" her competitors out of the country

Propagandists embarrassed themselves with Tina Karol nonsense

Russian propagandists from NTV embarrassed themselves with a nonsense about Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his "mistress" - singer Tina Karol. In Russia, apparently offended by the fact that the singer gave up her Russian-language repertoire, and filmed a whole false story about her life.

In the video to dramatic music broadcast incomprehensible "experts" who shared "exclusive details" of the Ukrainian's career. The ridiculous "investigation" was published on the propagandists' website (scroll to the end of the page to see the photo).

The voice-over, referring to the first lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska's business trips abroad, stated that the head of the independent state has a mistress. According to the pseudo-journalists, she is Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, who has been spending almost all her time at charity concerts all over the world since the beginning of the full-scale war.

The Russian media's informant is "very reliable". The propagandists admitted that they base their stories on rumors of "evil tongues".


Tina Karol was also accused of allegedly disrupting the concerts of her colleagues - the traitor to Ukraine Ani Lorak and singer Svitlana Loboda. The Russians came up with the idea that Karol financed rallies before the concerts of the artists in order to "drive the competitors" out of the country.

It's interesting that after a few minutes NTV started to prove that the royalties in Ukraine are small and there are no opportunities for development. According to the so-called "expert", the oligarch Igor Kolomoysky helped Tina Karol to get revenge on the singers.


Russians fantasized that during the disruption of Ani Lorak's concerts in 2014, Karol was the mistress of an influential Ukrainian. It should be recalled that in 2013 the singer experienced grief - her husband Eugene Ogir died of cancer.

According to the logic of the propagandists, the artist did not grieve, and began to arrange their personal life and career.

Previously OBOZREVATEL wrote that in the same story propagandists lied about selling Pugacheva's castle for a billion rubles. As it turned out later, the estate was sold for another amount.

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