Rule of lines and contrast: 3 fashion tricks that will make you look slimmer in summer. Photo.

Fashion tricks to look slimmer in summer

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are the only true keys to looking slim and athletic. However, sometimes you can afford to enhance the desired effect with the right clothes. There are many fashionable tricks that help to visually stretch your silhouette and thus give you confidence.

You can also achieve the desired results in summer looks, despite the fact that they involve a lot of exposed body parts, and therefore there are more risks of giving away your "imperfections". But to hide them, you don't have to torture yourself in the heat with closed dark clothes. OBOZREVATEL suggests that you get acquainted with some fashionable life hacks that will come in handy for the coming season.

The rule of lines


Different things can "draw" the lines we need, which emphasise our strengths and hide minor flaws. Of course, vertical prints on clothes make the best silhouette, but it's not just about patterns. So, for example, you can create horizontal lines with the bottom of a jacket or shirt in those places where you want to accentuate or, conversely, hide. That is, a cropped jacket can emphasise a narrow waist, and a long one can cover curvy hips: it is important that the product ends where the hips begin to taper. The sleeves, length of skirts, dresses, culottes are selected according to the same principle - do not cut where it is wide. Vertical stripes can also be created by opening the hem of a jacket or shirt. And you can "draw" diagonals with the strap of a shoulder bag or clothes with a smell. Another great option for building verticals is a monochrome look or, as it is also called, a total look.



To visually hide those extra pounds and add sophistication to your look, you need to highlight your strengths with colour, and hide the nuances behind muted tones. If you have wide hips, it is better to wear dark trousers, jeans or a skirt on the bottom, while the top can be decorated with a light blouse or a classic white T-shirt. When dealing with overly lush breasts, we balance them with light and expressive underwear. Take a closer look at black and white, black and red or white and blue combinations.



A constant companion for those who want to hide the unevenness of their figure for all seasons. Summer is no exception. Properly selected shaping sets will hide all unnecessary bulges and keep your body in good shape. If in winter, tight overalls with bicycles are considered a great option, then for a hotter period, take a closer look at seamless panties and T-shirts.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about models of summer shoes that visually lengthen the legs and make the silhouette slimmer. To do this, you don't have to sacrifice your comfort and wear high heels. Find out more in our article.

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