Robert De Niro worked as a taxi driver and Tom Cruise as a courier: the most desperate acts of celebrities for a film role

The actors worked hard to prepare for their roles

Acting is rarely about improvisation and innate talent. Usually, actors have to work hard, learn new things and literally live in the role of their character off set to feel and imbue their story.

Sometimes it takes long months, accompanied by exhausting work. The editors of the Сollider website told us about the desperate actions of stars for their roles (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Robert De Niro

For the role of a veteran sociopath who gradually goes mad while working as a taxi driver in New York, Robert De Niro drove for a month. The 1976 film Taxi Driver was so important to the young actor that he willingly tried on the role of the protagonist.


Jared Leto

In the film Suicide Squad, where Leto played the Joker, the actor deliberately spoiled his relationship with his colleagues for the sake of believability. He not only asked them to call him the Joker all the time, but also sent disgusting "gifts" to make the stars disgusted with him.


Tom Cruise

In the film Accomplice, Tom Cruise played a professional killer and prepared for it carefully. He honed his skills with weapons and how to remain invisible in public. To do this, the world-famous actor pretended to be a courier and tried to deliver food without being recognised.


Joaquin Phoenix

In the film The Master, the actor played a character with clenched jaws, and to learn to speak the way the producers expected him to, the star paid the dentist for braces and gum, even though he didn't need them.


Jamie Foxx

To star in the drama The Soloist, Jamie Foxx also went to the dentist, but with a different request. To play a homeless man in a believable way, the actor asked to grind down his teeth to simulate decay. It was not easy to portray a disgusting character with Fox's appearance, so they did a good job on his image.


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