Rich girl manicure: what is a latte French and why all fashionistas are delighted with it. Photo

Brown French is in fashion
Brown French is in fashion

Warm caramel and coffee shades have become an aesthetic classic in make-up, clothing and manicure. Soft tones emphasise the elegance and sophistication of the look.

One of the trends of 2023 was the latte French manicure, where nail technicians combined the colours of the coffee drink using the French technique. The design quickly went viral and was called "rich girl" nail art. OBOZREVATEL has collected several fashionable options that look expensive.

Caramel shades look expensive.

Latte make-up was the first to become popular. The make-up has warm brown tones: caramel, tan, cocoa, ocher and amber. These shades are applied to the eyes, cheeks and lips. The make-up looks dreamy in summer weather and in a cosy autumn climate.

French is back in fashion.

French is one of the most favourite designs for girls because it does not require frequent correction. The nail plate is painted in a natural shade and only the ends are covered with colour.

Brown looks expensive.

Masters emphasise that the colder it is outside, the darker the brown will become. In September, we paint our nails latte, and in December, espresso.

Coffee shades on the nails look sophisticated.

Brown is a versatile colour that suits any look. The most winning combination of a latte French with an outfit in a milky or coconut shade will be the most advantageous.

French is worn for a very long time.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about the best haircut ideas for autumn that look luxurious. The styling is called the hairstyle of "rich girls".

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