Pugacheva - in Russia, Galkin - in France: the showman made his children's dream come true, but met with heavy criticism because of his wife's decision

Russian parodist Maxim Galkin, who together with his wife Alla Pugacheva no longer lives in the aggressor country, took his heirs to Disneyland. At the same time, his wife flew to Moscow to see her close friend Valentin Yudashkin off for the last time. Not all followers liked the primadonna's decision and they decided to speak out under the showman's post.

Galkin showed a shot of the happy Lisa and Harry in front of a Parisian amusement park on Instagram. As he said, they dreamed of visiting this place, so the star father fulfilled the twins' whim. Maxim's followers noticed that the brother and sister look a lot like their parents. However, many were angered by Pugacheva's trip to her home country and they decided to mock the comedian for this action (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Network users wrote: while Galkin is "partying" in Paris, Alla is met with "breadcrumbs and mustard" in Moscow. Most of the commenters asked the same question, why the singer is not with her family? People are sure that she should not have returned home, because they are not waiting for her there.


"Where's Grandma?", "Why didn't your wife fly in? Pity about the children, they've been deprived of their homeland", "Oh, Galkin's in Paris. And we're meeting Allka here with breadcrumbs and mustard", "Long-awaited guests are greeted with a loaf, and un-awaited guests with what's left of it", "Everyone knows that Alla is in Moscow. Well, well," "Not afraid to come to Russia" - read under the publication of the comedian.


But it was not without nice words. Galkin was asked to support his wife after the death of Yudashkin and repeat the picture, but together with her. "You're just great, Maxim. You and Alla are wonderful parents", "Great shots. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful children and happy parents", "I admire your family", "What beautiful children, dreams come true", "Well done dad, promised - fulfilled", - left their thoughts subscribers of the artist.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that Russian actress-putinist Yana Poplavskaya believes that Pugacheva will soon divorce Galkin. The "Little Red Riding Hood" star dreams that the performer will return to Russia for good. To find out the details - go to the link.

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