Pixie bob will be one of the main trends in 2023: who will look good with this haircut and what to look for. Photo.

Emily Clarke prefers pixie bob

The pixie bob haircut is popular because it doesn't require complicated styling and care. It is stylish and suitable for both young ladies and older women. The advantage of this model is that it will visually make the look more youthful and perky. In 2023, this hairstyle is at the top of the fashion Olympus.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you what type of face is suitable for a pixie bob, whether it is worth getting this haircut with bangs, and how easy it is to style the strands. By the way, many stars love various variations of this model (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Who is suitable for a pixie bob?

This haircut looks great on round, oval, rectangular and square faces. In the latter case, it will soften the massive angularity and make your look more feminine and sophisticated. In a face type, the pixie bob triangle will slightly "pull" the sharp chin inwards. And those ladies who are complexed because of floppy ears will notice how elongated bangs on one side will distract attention from your flaw.


With or without bangs?

The pixie bob is very popular because it can be combined with different types of bangs. It is designed to hide a too wide forehead, reduce the oval of the face, and make a round face look neater and more elongated. Any bang will look good with a pixie bob. If you are familiar with the above problems, don't be afraid to cut your bangs. By the way, the oblique version is more suitable for young girls, and the straight version for older women.


Do pixie bob owners need styling?

Masters say that the haircut does not require any styling. It is enough to comb your hair. But if you have unruly curls, use foam or gel to tame the strands. If you wear bangs, curl them with a straightener, brush or curler. In addition, a lady can make a comb or "lick" her hair.


OBOZREVATEL recently reported which bangs will be the most fashionable this year. It will suit both beauties with long strands and owners of short hair. Bangs will visually stretch the face, which will make it look slimmer.

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