"Open Your Heart to Ukraine": TVORCHI Group Strikes Video Manifesto about the "Spirit of Courage and Resistance

Musicians moved the audience with their new work

Ukrainian band TVORCHI, which will represent our country on the stage of the international Eurovision Song Contest in the UK Liverpool on May 13, presented a video manifesto about the resilience of our people. The duo recorded a video in which they called on the world to open their hearts to Ukraine and continue to support it.

The musicians published the work on Instagram. The video in English was voiced by Geoffrey Kenny, a member of TVORCHI band. The video was also presented in the interactive space Ukraineua in Liverpool, which tells about Ukraine to the guests of Eurovision (to see the video, scroll to the end of the page).

"No matter how strong the words are, they are never enough to truly feel. We feel the heart. Love and pain, despair and hope, horror and beauty-all this can be contained by one human heart. Imagine what our hearts can do together," we read below the video manifesto on the band's Instagram.



By the way, the interactive space in Liverpool is represented by a photo zone and installation, which are designed to show the real Ukraine, where peaceful life lives next to the realities of war time. They are the first to meet Eurofans in the "Discover Ukraine" alley, working within the framework of "Eurovision Village".

Also reminding that the band TVORCHI will perform on stage in Britain with the song "Heart of Steel". The performers note that this song is about unconquerable, unbending people who, despite all the difficulties, move forward. This song is about all people with steel hearts, about all Ukrainians.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL informed that Ukraine will not be able to vote in the first semi-final, which will be held on May 9. We will be able to cast our votes for the favourites only in the second semi-finals and the grand-finals. Results of semifinals will be determined only by the spectator's votes, without jury's appraisal. The last time this principle was applied in 2009.

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