Old-fashioned and "add" kilos: 5 summer dresses that women 40+ shouldn't wear

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Dresses that women over 40 should forget about.

Fashion is a changeable and multifaceted lady. Each season there are unique models that help to look stylish and relevant. However, among them are those that do not suit everyone: make you look fuller, lower or distort the proportions of your figure.

Consider a few styles of dresses that women 40+ should avoid. More details - in the material of OBOZREVATEL.

1. T-shirt dress

This is one of women's favorite things. A t-shirt dress is comfortable, does not constrain movement, free, but it is old-fashioned. It makes the image too simple, untidy and shapeless. Make a choice in favor of a sundress or outfit A-silhouette.


2. Dress with a massive print

Stylists have long claimed that a large print ages women. In addition, it can "add" kilos to the waist, hips and chest. This is especially true for animalistic drawings, flowers and abstraction. Pay attention to dresses with a smell, silhouette or shirt dresses with a small print, which on the contrary refreshes the view.


3. The guipure dress

This material has been leading the anti-trends for a long time. It looks cheap and old-fashioned. Whatever the cut of the dress - guipure will spoil the outfit. Prefer clothes made of dense monochrome fabrics, correcting figure parameters.


4. Dress-oversize

A common mistake of women is to disguise their bodacious forms with a blouse dress. However, it makes the owner fuller and less feminine. You should get rid of such models once and for all.


5. Dress with a rubber band under the breast

This style, as well as the previous one, is chosen in order to hide the extra volume. This will play against you. Such a cut adds kilograms in those places where you should emphasize the curves. We advise to replace them with outfits A-silhouette or with an inflated waist.


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