Not in fashion anymore: 6 models of women's belts that have become anti-trends. Photo.

Some belt models are already outdated and have become anti-trends

Accessories are a must-have element of the look, so you also need to keep an eye on their relevance. For example, belts that help to emphasise the waist and set the right accents often go out of fashion.

In order not to spoil a stylish outfit, you should analyse your wardrobe and determine which models look outdated. OBOZREVATEL decided to show you which belts are best hidden away in the closet (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).


Braided models, which were especially popular in the warmer seasons, have gone out of fashion.



Inconspicuous plastic straps that show through look outdated. They do not create successful accents, but only make the outfit heavier.


With a logo

Belts of famous brands with a logo, which were popular just a few seasons ago, now look outdated. It used to be considered the height of style to flaunt a branded item, but that time is long gone.


Made of fabric

Options made of fabric will not decorate the image, but will only spoil it. It is better to choose classic models made of leather or other materials.



Many seasons ago, ultra-thin belts were a sign of sophistication and elegance, but now the fashion has changed. They have been replaced by wide versions that look more appropriate in the era of oversize.


With metal rivets

Fans of grunge and brutal clothing often complemented their looks with an accessory with metal elements. However, in 2023, it is better to refrain from complex models and choose something more concise.


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