No longer relevant: which eyeshadows went out of fashion and became an anti-trend in 2023. Photo.

In 2023, you need to be careful with bright eye makeup

Make-up trends, like clothing trends, can go out of fashion and look outdated. They usually change back-to-back, so it's not possible for a calm look to contrast with colourful makeup.

Since the new season dictates the fashion for naturalness and comfort, naturalness will also be valued in makeup. So, OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you which bright shadows became an anti-trend in 2023 (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Deep brown

For evening make-up, dark brown eyeshadow used to be often used, which made the look deeper and the eyes brighter. However, the wrong shade can add years to your face and go badly with, for example, a cold skin tone.



Fans of bright make-up often experimented with colours on the eyelids. A smooth transition from one bright shade to another, and sometimes even a combination of more than 3 colours, now looks outdated and irrelevant.


Holographic shadows

Such products were rare, unlike the previous two techniques, but from time to time they appeared on the faces of bold beauties. In the era of fashion for simplicity and elegance, such bright makeup will look out of place.


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