Never going out of style! Three "timeless" dresses that give the image of elegance. Photo

Dresses that will never go out of fashion

Fashion, of course, is fleeting, and what was at the peak of popularity a year or two ago - today can be considered a sign of a lack of taste. However, here, as in any rule, there are exceptions. In our case we're talking about "timeless" dresses, which will never lose their relevance.

These models were worn by our mothers and grandmothers, and today they are interpreted by modern standards and still occupy an honorable place in the closet of fashionable women. OBOZREVATEL will tell you about these dresses.



This style is valued by girls not only for its beauty and trendiness, but also for versatility and comfort. Dress-coat successfully covers all the "nonideal" areas, such as bulging tummy, and elegantly emphasizes the waist, makes the silhouette more elegant and elongated. Combining such a dress with high-heeled shoes you get a sophisticated evening look, and if you wear it under sneakers or rough boots, the image will play a completely different colors.

Shirt dress


Another versatile style that can easily be combined with heels, sneakers or boots. Especially relevant is the shirt dress for the summer period, when you want to look easy, fresh and stylish, but do not want to bother much with the stylization of the outfit. You can wear such a model both with and without a belt. Fragile and skinny girls are advised to look closely to the oversize-fashion, but beauties with curvy shapes are better to use some strap, in order to avoid shapeless silhouette.

Combination dress


The combination dress has been on the list of trends for many, many years now and you can be sure that nothing will change in another 10 years. This relaxed lingerie style looks, it would seem, so simple, but at the same time very sexy and elegant. However, the biggest advantage of this model is its versatility in styling. No other style combines with other things like a combination dress. It looks great as an independent element of the closet with sandals, pumps, sneakers or trendy buckskin boots. Perfectly combined with masculine things: voluminous rough jackets, long wide coats and so on. The combination with a knitted sweater will create a cozy and romantic image, and with a hoodie and a cap - stylish sport-chic.

Previously OBOZREVATEL wrote about satin, denim and other models of maxi skirts for summer. They have a length that is optimal for women with any figure. Substantially hide the belly and visually make you look taller.

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