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This fall will be in fashion and bright and calm designs.
Both bright and calm designs will be in fashion this fall.

The color of girls' nails usually changes every season: in the summer everyone went with bright orange, and in the fall will come more calm and restrained designs. Fashionable nails 2023 are characterized by a universal style, but also attract attention.

Nowhere went nowhere nude minimalism, but the masters decorated it with sophisticated drawings. OBOZREVATEL collected trendy manicures for fall.

Uncoated nails in fashion

Healthy nails painted only with a clear top will always look beautiful. The aesthetics of a "clean" and well-groomed girl is in trend. A delicate pink, beige or milky shade is suitable.

French manicure is an antitrend

For several years, the beauty world has been going crazy about the French manicure. The classic technique has been known for decades, so masters create new versions of this design. In 2023, you can safely draw thin stripes on the middle of the nail, but the lines should be barely noticeable.

Nail jewelry at the peak of popularity

Nail jewelry looks very stylish: crystals, gold and silver trim or piercings. However, it should be remembered that this decoration is a characteristic accent, so you should not overdo it with the color of the nail plate.

''Cat'' nails haven't gone out of style


The shiny bright nails trend is known by several names, such as "chrome nails" or "cat nails". This technique has been known for a long time, but trendsetters decided to revive it this year.

In the fall, you don't want to forget about bright nails


If you want something bright - it is necessary to mix different colors, which looks really fashionable. It is necessary to refuse complex patterns and designs, and give preference to simple lines.

Chrome nails of light color are on trend

Glossy coating on flesh beige looks very trendy. Hollywood stars prefer this manicure and this design will definitely be at the peak of popularity in the fall.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about the best ideas of manicure, which "refreshes" and youthful hands. Classic designs are always in fashion.

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