Never do that! What you can't wear trainers with in summer so you don't look silly. Photo

The classic combinations are long outdated

Twenty years ago, trainers were considered the attribute of a sports uniform, but now ladies are used to wearing them with skirts, dresses and classic suits. With each passing year, the boundaries of what to pair these shoes with are blurring. However, after a long debate, fashion experts decided that some of the techniques should be left behind and completely forget about them.

OBOZREVATEL will demonstrate what combinations with trainers are considered fashionable this summer. Moreover, always wear closed shoes - it's hot (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).

1. Trainers + kapron tights

If you suddenly decide to wear a dress to the event with kapron tights, by no means complement the image with trainers. Firstly, to wear colourless or black tights in summer is tasteless, and secondly, to combine them with trainers is the fashion of the noughties, and we take from it far from all tips.


2. Trainers + evening dress

An evening gown and sneakers is the grossest mistake you can make. Although girls often create this outfit. The reason for this could be tired legs or the realization that the party will drag on for a long time and you can't go out in heels. But stylists don't support the combination of a dressy dress and Adidas.


3. Trainers + denim shorts

This is the most innocuous kind of mistake, but the combination has long gone out of fashion. It's much more stylish to pair your shorts with a pair of solid tracksuit sandals. Experts do not forbid to complement denim products with trainers, but so you certainly will not surprise anyone with your excellent taste.


4. Trainers + tapered long skirt

Bella Hadid, Katie Holmes and Emily Ratajkowski have set the example for hundreds of fashionistas to wear trainers under tapered skirts. But, alas, in 2023, this is considered an absolute mauvais ton. You'll look a lot better in slim sandals and a pencil skirt.


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