Making "wider" and "lower." 5 models of summer shoes that visually shorten your height

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Stylish shoes that do not fit everyone.

When choosing shoes take into account not only appearance, but also comfort and proportions. There are models that visually make your feet wider and your legs "shorter". Give them up by choosing a better alternative.

What summer shoes should you forget about if you don't want to spoil your outfits? Read in the article OBOZREVATEL.

1. Ballet flats

This shoe is suitable for slender girls with thin ankles and height 165+. Those who have other parameters - flat sole is not your option: legs and hips will visually look larger. What can you choose? Pay attention to the topical in the summer of 2013 spiky ballet with low heels.


2. High sneakers

These shoes should not be worn by women with height up to 160 cm. High sneakers make legs "massive" and unprofitable emphasize miniaturism. It is better to choose sneakers or moccasins on a low platform. They are versatile: they will fit well in both sporty and casual style.


3. Mary Jane shoes

These simple and elegant shoes with round toes, sturdy heels and thin straps near the ankles are a favorite accessory of fashionistas. However, straps and lacing at the ankles weigh down the image. A successful alternative is mules, slingbacks or pumps. If you find it hard to say no to Mary Jane shoes, take a closer look at these shoes in beige.


4. Sandals with large straps

Such shoes look old-fashioned. Even - distorts the proportions of the feet, making them "wider. Instead, we advise to wear sandals with thin straps or mules on sturdy heels, which will remain in the trend for many years.


5. Accent shoes

Bright shoes can add stylish accents to any of your images. But it should be careful for girls with a small height (up to 160 cm): it can visually make your legs shorter. In order not to miscalculate, we advise to wear shoes in a rich palette in tone with the clothes (monochrome always stretches the silhouette) or replace it with beige.


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