Making makeup unkempt: five mistakes in eyeliner pencil, which should not be allowed. Photo

Mistakes in eye makeup should be avoided

Rarely does an everyday makeup routine go without eye makeup, and in evening variations, it is one of the most important components. Many makeup artists and ordinary beauties use an eye pencil, but they make gross mistakes.

Therefore, the appearance can seem sloppy, and makeup quickly deteriorates. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell how not to apply the cosmetic product (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The position of the hands

How you position your hands when drawing determines the clarity of the line. It is important that they lean and not shake, because then it's easy to smudge an arrow.



Do not hold the pencil perpendicular to the eye. In order to get a clear and straight arrow line, it is necessary to tilt it. When drawing the inner corner of the eye, lead the pencil towards the temple.


One Line

The probability that a perfect arrow will come out the first time is extremely low. It has to be applied several times, paying special attention to the mucosa. This way the arrow will look fuller and won't crack for the rest of the day.


Lower mucosa

In evening make-up, the lower mucous membrane is often painted over to give a deeper look and make the eyes brighter. However, such manipulations need additional shading.



No matter how long-lasting the pencil is, it should be fixed with eye shadow. This will make the arrow look brighter and won't rub off quickly.


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