Make the image vulgar: five unforgivable mistakes in makeup that should not be allowed. Photo

Some mistakes in makeup can ruin the image

Evening makeup can be a real art, if it is taken by a professional who knows how to emphasize all the advantages and disguise the flaws. However, in the hands of amateurs, makeup and brushes risk causing a grandiose failure. Playfulness and sexuality are often confused by beginner makeup artists with vulgarity.

An overabundance of colors, glitter, dark shades and a desire to add everything and more can turn into disastrous consequences. OBOZREVATEL tells about 5 unforgivable mistakes in evening makeup (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Thin and underlined eyebrows

Trends for wide or plucked eyebrows change very often, but now in fashion remains naturalness. The "threads" above the eyes, generously lined with a dark pencil are a fashionable failure that will make the facial features look harsh.


Smokey eyes and red lips

There is a rule: the accent in good makeup should be either on the eyes or on the lips. If you combine them, the image looks vulgar, unkempt and will "scream" about the desire to attract attention.


Shadows the same color as your eyes

Usually eyelids are painted to correct the shape of the eye or to emphasize color. In the first case, choose dark shades, and in the second - contrasting shades. Green-eyed beauties will not be suitable for green makeup, because against a saturated product eye color will seem duller.


Bright lipstick with pearlescent

This lipstick should not be in the cosmetic bag of any lady who wants to look stylish and "expensive". Natural glitter is the solution to the problem of low volume, and nacre will only cheapen the image and give it a vulgarity.


Dark contouring

Who of the beauties does not want to accentuate the sharp cheekbones or correct the shape of the nose, forehead and chin with a few strokes of the brush? However, it will have the opposite effect if you blend it out sloppily and pick up too dark a color.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that there are several mistakes in eye makeup that can get old. You should be careful with graphite and black shades of shadows, false eyelashes and arrows. For details, follow this link.

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