Make no mistake! These five models of pants shorten the legs and noticeably make you look fat. Photo

White pants give volume on the hips.
White pants give volume on the hips.

Buy things in the first place should not follow fashion trends, but choose what suits your figure. Girls of low height often want to look taller. Visually increase the growth can be with the help of clothes.

A win-win option for all women are pants with a high waist straight cut. OBOZREVATEL tells about the pants that you should get rid of. These styles make you look fat and shorten your legs.

Contrasting suits 'cut' height


The combination of contrasting colors in clothes shortens the height, as there is a visual gap between the upper and lower part of the body, which makes the figure shorter. However, now it is fashionable to wear monochrome suits, thanks to the monotone color scheme does not violate the proportions.

Palazzo pants don't suit short girls


Cropped pants above the ankle "cut" the length of the legs. Even long-legged girls may look fuller and lower in them. It is best to prefer "maxi" models, where the end of the pant leg covers the shoes.

Low-waisted pants are not for short girls.


Low-slung jeans became popular in the early 2000s. Now the fashion of those times is coming back, but this style visually makes the legs shorter. Stylists do not recommend wearing them especially for girls of short stature.

Wide pants give volume.


Palazzo pants disguise full legs. This model does not constrain movements and is perfect for the summer season. Wide pants give volume to the lower part of the body and shorten the legs. This style is best matched with a tight-fitting top, such as a turtleneck or T-shirt.

White pants make you look full

It's no secret that dark fabric helps you look slimmer. While light colors increase the volume, so low girls with pudgy hips should refuse to buy white pants, especially if the style is tight on the hips.

This does not mean that you should buy only black pants, you should give preference to cool beige or brown shades.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about the most fashionable shades of clothing in the fall of 2023. In the fall in the trend will be unusual bright colors.

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