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Fashionable skirts 2023

Skirt - an indispensable element of the summer closet of every fashionista. This year brands offer a huge number of different models, styles and materials. You can find the ever-popular classic - flared skirts, and megapopular this season - denim. It is not the first year in a row on the podium of trends for maxi and midi skirts, but in 2023 the range is much more diverse: there is asymmetry, and puffed bologna models, and sports cargo, and much more.

It is not easy to choose your ideal out of such a big list of trends. Therefore OBOZREVATEL offers a review of the three most popular models.

Long denim skirts


Denim, as we have already noticed, dominates the trends this year. The more denim, the more fashionable. Therefore, it is not surprising that fashionable women's skirts for summer-2023 from this material are considered a must-have element of your summer closet. Choose pencil skirts or asymmetric denim models, as well as skirts with unusual cutouts in the center or on the side. Long, flared skirts made of thinner denim will also work. Maxi or midi length is a must. Look stylish with this year's topical Cossacks, as well as sneakers and platform sandals.

Asymmetric skirts


If you are not afraid to be bright and you like to draw attention to your person, then instead of the classic flared skirts, trapeze and pencil, look at their asymmetrical "colleagues". Models of light fabrics, which elegantly develop with every step, best of all correspond to the summer trends. Skirts with a shortened front and lengthened back, decorated with a fashionable print or monochrome, are a hit.

Flared skirts and their variations


If you like to combine modern trends with classics that are always on trend, then be sure to invest in fashionable flared skirts for summer 2023. A style that's been beloved by beauties for decades, this year it's making a comeback with double the power. Pleated skirts are number one in this category: glamorous, flowing, made of velour or with a decorative belt. Here you can look closely not only to the long variants, but also to the mini. Experiment with materials, prints and styling.

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