Lordi reincarnation: the outrageous Germans in latex "lit up" the stage of Eurovision 2023 with a powerful rock. Photo

In the final of the international vocal show Eurovision 2023, which took place on May 13, the contestant from Germany, the band Lord of the Lost, really lit up the stage and stunned the audience with their images. The musicians took to the stage at number 21 with the song Blood & Glitter. The band reminded fans of the Finnish band Lordi, which won the competition in 2006.

OBOZREVATEL will tell more about the performance, which was seen on stage by millions of viewers, and the composition Lord of the Lost. The musical group performs something between rock and pop music. It was founded in 2009 and consists of five members. The members have previously visited over 30 countries with concerts (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos).

The musicians took the stage in red outfits. The soloist surprised the audience with a piquant red latex jumpsuit and bright makeup, reincarnated as a phoenix.


In an interview before the finale, the singer explained that the track Blood & Glitter is about tenderness and roughness. He states that these two feelings are polar opposites, but sides of the same coin. According to him, all people have flaws and strengths that make them whole individuals.


"Blood and glitter, sweetness and bitterness. We are so glad to die. Blood and glitter. What are we but choices? We are free to break free and change. Blood and brilliance. The saint and the sinner. We fall before we rise. Now go, go. Let your blood flow, flow, flow. With broken wings we'll learn to fly," the composition reads.

At the end of the performance, the lead singer of the band thanked the audience for the warm welcome in the Ukrainian language.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told that the singer Jerry Heil was inspired by Loreen's competitive song called Tattoo and decided to translate the track into Ukrainian. The Ukrainian recorded an acoustic arrangement on the piano. To learn more, read our material.

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