Leva from Bi-2 put the Putinists in their place and trashed the propaganda about Russia's "achievements": I won't go back to Russia, you are murderers

The famous Belarusian and Russian rock musician, one of the two founders and leaders of the band "Bi-2" Leva (real name - Yahor Bortnik) put the pro-Putin fans in their place. In response to reproaches about "patriotism" and "achievements of the Russian Federation," the artist called the Russians murderers and assured them that he would never return to Russia again.

According to the star under one of his Instagram posts, pro-Putin Russia causes him only disgust. Previously, the artists had already demonstrated their disagreement with the Kremlin's terrorist policies (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Leva began responding to his former fans under one of the "patriotic" posts about May 9, where they tried to convince him that the group's adequate and peaceful stance was a mistake.

"I'm not going to take back a single word. Putin and all his retarded scum have destroyed our country. Read your 'obscurantist' lectures at the military enlistment office," the band's founder wrote.


One propaganda-addled subscriber tried to manipulate Ukraine's "Europe Day" by issuing that Ukrainians would celebrate with "the same Europe that fought on Hitler's side."

"You are murderers. You have crossed out all your achievements. Yes and achievements were shared with Ukraine and Europe. All that Putin's Russia evokes now is disgust and squeamishness," wrote the soloist of Bi-2.


When asked if Russians should expect the band's concerts, he said he would not return to Russia.


Recall that in 2022 Bi-2 canceled their concert in Omsk a few minutes before it started because of a banner in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the symbol "Z". The artists began to perform abroad.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, earlier it was found out that the band members donate part of their earnings to help Ukraine. However, they try not to advertise it.

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