Leopard print and neon are no longer in fashion: the main "chips" of 2023, which should know all fashionable women. Photo by

What's no longer in fashion in 2023

Changing fashion in the new season again dictates anti-trends, which recently were at the peak of popularity. In 2023, fashionable women will have to part with leopard print, baggy styles, neon and other trends.

However, do not despair, because there are "tricks", how to update the anti-trends, adding them freshness. The editors of the Hungry Faces website told you how to turn faded trends into stylish looks (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Leopard print.

The bright animalistic pattern becomes trendy and loses popularity almost every year, so it is better not to experiment with it. The leader in this season's prints is the snake print.


Monochrome Neon.

Spring is the time of bright decisions and bold designs, but this year fashion has bypassed monochrome neon clothing. Lovers of juicy colors are advised to pay attention to the gradient - a blurred combination of bright and calm shades.


Baggy dresses

To its logical conclusion comes a round of fashion for baggy clothes. Already in 2023 it is advised to give preference to more austere and graceful models, which emphasize the figure, and not hide it.


Boring Denim

The cyclical nature of the trends has once again led beauties to the hits of the 2000s - "boiled" and shabby jeans. In 2023, a multicolored denim that can be used not only on pants, but also on jackets, skirts, shorts, etc. will look stylish.


Hidden pockets.

As OBOZREVATEL has already told pants and skirts in the style of cargos with a large number of pockets have returned to fashion. Because of this, outfits with hidden pockets have lost their meaning and relevance.


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