Legs swell and the body doesn't breathe: 5 things you shouldn't wear in summer

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Things you don't want to wear in summer.

In summer, it's not easy to create looks that would be comfortable throughout the day. The weather is capricious and deceptive. For example, in the cool of the morning you want to go out in denim. But when it gets hot, you'll probably regret your choice.

We're going to tell you what things and combinations you should avoid in the summer to avoid looking strange and let your body breathe. Read more in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Thick denim

It would seem that denim clothes can be worn at any time of the year. However, in the hot season, it will only harm you: the body overheats from the dense material. Replace your denim items with those made of cotton, linen or other light and natural fabrics. This will make you feel more comfortable.


2. Clothes that are too tight

Tight clothes (especially if they are in a dark palette and made of synthetic fabrics) impair normal heat transfer and lead to overheating. Leave them for evening walks, and wear loose-fitting clothes during the day (sundress, T-shirt and Bermuda shorts or a light blouse and skirt).


3. Shoes with high heels or platforms

In summer, we advise you to give up high-heeled shoes. They are impractical and will not suit every outfit. Wear comfortable mules, ballet flats, slingbacks or low-soled sandals. At the end of the day, your feet will thank you for this with the absence of fatigue and swelling.


4. Shoes made of PVC

This trend is a "hello" from the 90s. Today, it is popularised by such global stars as actress Margot Robbie and model, actress and reality TV personality Kim Kardashian. However, in reality, plastic shoes are uncomfortable and do not allow your feet to breathe. The most you can expect is a good photo for Instagram. But after the photo shoot, you should definitely change your shoes to more useful ones.


5. Crop top and short shorts

These things can be worn in summer, but if you combine them differently. For example, a crop top with Bermuda shorts or a midi skirt, and short shorts with a T-shirt, T-shirt, blouse or shirt. Otherwise, you risk looking vulgar. It's about urban style, not about relaxing on the beach.


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