Kettlebells in dresses, bodysuits instead of blouses, and other stylish tricks of royalty that help you look perfect

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Queen Letitia, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana in smart gowns.

The ladies of the royal family are forbidden to show off their naked legs, so they always wear thin kapron tights. This begs the question: why don't their shoes slip off? Silicone inserts in the shoes save the day. And why the princesses and duchesses do not fly off hats that are offset to the side? They're secured with little rubber bands to match the color of the hair.

We're telling you what other tricks royals use to always look impeccable. Read more in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

1. Heavy fabrics and weights.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, wears silhouette dresses and skirts made of thick materials so that there are no curiosities during strong winds. If it is too hot outside, the Duchess wears clothes made of light fabric with miniature weights sewn into them. These tricks keep her legs covered.


2. Bodysuits instead of blouses

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, in order not to have folds in her outfits, wears with suits or pants bodysuits instead of blouses and shirts. As a rule, Prince Harry's wife combines contrasting colors: white with black or gray.


3. "Invisible" underwear.

Leticia, the Queen of Spain, always wears seamless lingerie that enhances the static charge. This allows the fabric to fit snugly against the body and stay in place perfectly. In addition, the contours of the underwear are not visible through the clothes.


4. 0.5 cm more shoes

Duchess Meghan Markle used to be a famous actress, so she knows a little trick that movie stars use for red carpets. To avoid swelling and blisters on the feet, you need to wear shoes 0.5 cm larger. And to keep them from slipping, you need to glue silicone inserts on the shoes.


5. Clutch to cover your cleavage

A small bag is not only a stylish addition to an image. Princess Diana of Wales used this accessory to cover her cleavage while curtsying or stepping out of her car. Such a stylish trick is definitely worth adopting today.


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