It's time to update your closet! Named the most fashionable shades of clothing in the fall of 2023. Photo

In 2023, calm tones are in fashion
Calm colors are in fashion in 2023. Source: Instagram/nezamiinno

Trends of the future fall-winter season can be traced in the collections of luxury brands, which they have already demonstrated at fashion weeks. Autumn 2023 roku presented a wide choice and variety of colors.

In the trend will be expected for cold time calm tones, and unexpectedly bright accents. OBOZREVATEL shows the most fashionable colors 2023-2024, created for winter and autumn.

Olive color is on trend


The olive color has long belonged to autumn. Next season the most trendy will be the shade of ripe olive. The combination of white and olive is a classic. If combined with black, the image will turn out gloomier.

Light pink color is at the peak of popularity


In autumn, the pink color will not lose its relevance. The soft tone of peony fits perfectly into the closet of the cold season. Girls emphasize that pink gives mood when it is cloudy and rainy outside.

Warm yellow shade is very popular


Yellow is the color of optimism and sunshine. The Pantone Color Institute announced a long time ago that one of the colors that will be at the peak of popularity in 2023 will be warm yellow.

Grass green color looks natural


One of the bright accents was the grass shade, which resembles emerald, but more greenish. Designers decided to make this shade the favorite of the green palette to avoid the dullness of muted shades. Clothes in this color look refined and elegant.

Wine color is at the peak of popularity in 2023


The Pantone Color Institute has announced that the most popular color in 2023 will be Viva Magenta, a deep pink-red shade, also called wine.

Coconut color looks expensive.


All milky warm shades look expensive and rejuvenating. Old money style is at its peak in 2023, so your fall closet can't do without a coconut-colored jacket and pants.

Deep blue color hides figure flaws

Deep blue color is a very interesting and refined shade. It looks noble in both outerwear and evening wear.

Celestial color is in trend this year


In fashion this winter and fall will be a sky blue shade. It is a delicate subtle tone that gives lightness and sophistication to the image. Designers widely used this color in their collections and suggest combining it with white, beige and gray.

Camel should be the color of choice this fall


This fall, you should choose a warm brown color of camel fur. Brown tones always look chic and expensive. This shade suits everyone and is easy to combine with other closet items.

You can't do without light gray this fall

Do not do without gray-white color in the fall-winter season. It is considered basic and easily combined with other shades or make a stylish monochrome image.

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