It's time to throw it away and forget it! Five women's jackets that are no longer in fashion. Photo

Some jackets have gone out of style
Some jackets have gone out of style

Versatile outerwear can go out of style just like other closet items. Before the beginning of the cold season it is worth determining what things to get rid of.

OBOZREVATEL tells what demi-seasonal jackets have given up their positions and have become antitrends. From the purchase of tight-fitting styles should be abandoned.

  • Parkas
Parkas are very comfortable outerwear.

The parka jacket was a very comfortable everyday garment. Many girls still can not say goodbye to this item of closet. However, today you can find no less comfortable and stylish jackets. Perhaps in a few years stylists will bring the parka back into fashion, but it will definitely not happen in the fall of 2023.

  • Pressed jacket
The crimped jacket is the anti-trend

In the pursuit of emphasizing their femininity and thin waist, many girls are still trying to wear irrelevant tight-fitting jackets. These products stylists have already referred to the list of anti-trends. A tight jacket can still be worn with a tracksuit or sneakers, but not with a dress or jeans.

  • Tight-fitting leather jacket
Tight-fitting leather jackets are out of fashion

Shortened and fitted leather jackets, if back in fashion, then for a very short period of time. Today's fashion is jackets "from a man's shoulder" straight cut, without unnecessary metal decorations.

  • Dufflecoat
The dufflecoat is considered an anti-trend.

Single-breasted coat, resembling a jacket, many people like to wear with the arrival of cold weather. This style was popular for a very short period. The fittings make it very old-fashioned. Now there are more modern options in the form of insulated jackets or long straight cut coats, which should be favored.

  • Jacket with a belt
Girls love jackets with a belt

The demi-seasonal belted jacket is the love of many girls, for whom the real pain was when it went out of fashion. A few seasons ago, the belted jacket was popular, but for fall 2023, it should be forgotten.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote, what shoes to wear with straight jeans. This classic element of the closet will complement trendy sneakers and shoes.

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