"It's just low": propagandists "made up" fake interview of Komarov with Budanov and embarrassed themselves. Video

Propagandists "made up" a fake interview between Komarov and Budanov

The other day, a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and traveler Dmytro Komarov published an exclusive interview with the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry, Kyrylo Budanov, in which, among other things, he raised the topic of the return of the annexed Crimea. Russian propagandists could not get past this dialogue. They made a fake splicing of Budanov's answers out of context, presenting it as a "real" interview.

In the Russian version of the dialogue, the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence allegedly talks about the destruction of Crimeans after the return of the illegally occupied peninsula. In reality, Budanov said nothing of the sort. Komarov found the fake video himself and posted it on his Instagram, proving the falsity of Russian pseudo-journalists.

"The Russians, in the best traditions of Russian "journalism," made a fake video from our interview with Budanov. They pasted together the question about what to do after the de-occupation of Crimea with Budanov's answer from another part of the program, where he talks about the extermination of certain categories of war criminals. As a result, the video was cut in such a way that the fake video made it look like Budanov was saying that the Crimeans would allegedly be physically eliminated. Fake editing and changing questions/answers in places changed the meaning of the interview", - explained Komarov.


The journalist stressed that the fake could be recognized at least by the "jumping" of the music in the background.

First, the false video spread on social networks, and then the propaganda media picked up the news, decorating the pages of their websites with loud headlines. However, as Komarov stressed, many Russians wanted to watch Budanov's interview in its entirety afterwards-as evidenced by the statistics on YouTube. What was the surprise of the aggressors when, in the original video, they did not see the Ukrainian intelligence officer's statements about the "destruction of the Crimeans."

"Without realizing it themselves, the z-channels made a great advertisement for the release with Budanov. And thousands of Russians, who were not even going to watch this interview, went to YouTube and watched the whole issue. We can see the statistics - a lot of Russians are watching this episode. After watching it, they were convinced that the Russian z-channels are spreading fakes. And at the same time they watched the whole interview, and not only him", - commented Komarov.


Ukrainians were not at all surprised by the fake video from the Russians. After all the propaganda nonsense and absurd narratives that have been pouring from the screens of federal channels and the press since 2014, such videos only evoke laughter and disgust.

"I watched the video three times, I liked it very much, and nothing else is expected from the orcs, orcs are orcs even in Africa", "Holy shit, now Budanov is their nightmare. Normal and conscious people will never believe such things", "Typical Russians, what can I add here", "Russian journalists are the bottom, how many people are involved in their media, and everyone is engaged in these fictions, fake photos and videos, slandering honest people and worshipping freaks, they chose lies as their job. Can you imagine how many "people" in Russia work in this field and they see and understand what they are doing," commentators say.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Dmytro Komarov showed a picture taken in the kitchen of one of the apartments of an ordinary apartment building in the Kharkiv region. The photo shows the tail part of a Smerch missile, which literally pierced the homes of civilians in Kharkiv.

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