It's completely tasteless! Seven things to throw out of your wardrobe after 40. Photo

Some wardrobe items add age
Some wardrobe items add age

A woman wants to look spectacular at any age. To do this, you need to take care of yourself: do grooming procedures on time, choose stylish clothes depending on your body type and fashion trends, and combine wardrobe elements correctly.

OBOZREVATEL talks about the things that women over 40 should not wear. The stylists emphasise that there is nothing worse than a forty-year-old lady trying her best to be a 20-year-old.

  • Sequins
Clothing with sequins looks comical.

You should avoid any sequins on your clothes, whether it's sequins on a handbag or a T-shirt. Sequins have long been an anti-trend, things should be more restrained and fit into a casual look.

  • Pleated skirts
Pleated skirts have an old-fashioned look

You should throw out short pleated skirts from your wardrobe and replace them with midis. Mini-skirts made of suit fabric resemble school outfits, which look comical on a woman over 40. Pleated fabric adds years to your look, so give preference to styles made of smooth material.

  • Low-waisted trousers
Low waist does not suit many girls

Low-rise trousers were one of the most questionable fashion trends. And, frankly, few people liked them, as this style "cut off" the height, added extra centimetres to the waist and emphasised figure flaws.

  • Sports T-shirts
Sports shirts are an anti-trend

Except for playing sports at home or jogging, sports shirts should not be worn in public. Coloured suits in acidic shades and tight styles only spoil a woman's figure, emphasising all the flaws and making her arms look massive.

  • Blouses with mesh
Mesh clothing has a controversial look

Mesh or sheer garments should only be used to create layering. Choose outfits with mesh inserts for a more sophisticated look. A completely mesh top looks vulgar.

  • Clothing with logos
Clothing with logos is considered bad manners

Outfits with logos are considered bad manners, even if they are original clothes from an expensive brand. A suit with stickers looks comical and childish.

  • Vulgar outfits
A vulgar look will not help you look younger

Don't show off all the charms of your figure at the same time. Choose one part of the body to emphasise it: if you show off your cleavage, choose a longer skirt.

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