It's bad form! 6 fashion mistakes you shouldn't make. Photo.

Mistakes that make women untidy

Although it may seem that there can be no prohibitions in fashion, etiquette often dictates its own rules. After all, looking neat and stylish is a complex matter.

Therefore, in order to look good, you should pay attention to your health, clothes, hairstyle, make-up, and manners. OBOZREVATEL has collected six of the most common mistakes that spoil the impression of a girl.

Incorrect make-up

Makeup should be appropriate to the situation. You can have a lot of knowledge about makeup techniques and love experimenting with them, but you should remember to adapt your makeup to specific circumstances. Bright make-up may look inappropriate in the office and cause a negative reaction. On the other hand, not wearing make-up at a party may not meet the requirements of the event and look careless.


Excessive use of perfume

It's important to follow appropriate fragrance nuances depending on the time of day. For example, wearing a bright scent in the morning may not be appropriate. We have all experienced the strong scent of a neighbour on public transport or in a lift at least once. This is because the sense of smell is more sensitive in the morning, and even a great scent can become overpowering and even unpleasant for others.

Worn out clothes

As you know, every person has a basic wardrobe consisting of favourite items that they use every day. However, it's important not to wear clothes that are worn out, deformed, with pilling, holes or stains. This means that the clothes have already lost their presentability and aesthetic appearance, and it's time to get rid of them.

Fixing your make-up in public places

Why is a women's toilet called a women's room? This is a place where women take care of themselves. You shouldn't touch up your make-up while sitting at a table in a restaurant, while working in the office or on public transport. This is a sign of bad manners and carelessness. Do these things in specially designated areas.


Wear the hairband on your wrist

A hair band is not a bracelet, so you should not wear it on your wrist. This indicates laziness and negligence. You may have room for a small elastic in your handbag. Unfortunately, many women neglect this rule.

Wear glasses on your head

Remember: it is considered bad form to wear glasses on your head. Firstly, when you wear them like a hoop, you stretch the temples, which can cause them to break quickly. Secondly, it shows that you are lazy and forgetful. Don't be lazy: keep your glasses in a case.

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