It was a total flop: Ukrainian stars who embarrassed themselves with botched make-up. Photo

Ukrainian stars have sometimes been embarrassed by failed make-up

Famous artists are expected to look perfect - a stylish look, neat make-up and beautiful styling. However, not all stars can look flawless all the time, so it is not without embarrassment.

Alina Grosu, Olya Polyakova and other celebrities who love bright makeup, sometimes surprised fans with bad decisions. OBOZREVATEL decided to remember how it was (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Alina Grosu

In 2012, the 17-year-old singer appeared in a candid look at the Viva ceremony. The star decided to accentuate her features with bright makeup, but went a little overboard. The unfortunate colours made the young beauty look a little too old.


Iryna Bilyk

Singer Iryna Bilyk knows how to emphasize her advantages and disguise her flaws, but this skill came to her not immediately. An embarrassing photo of the singer with black eyelashes and brightly coloured lips at a social event can be found online.


Olya Polyakova

"The Queen of the Night" has repeatedly surprised with bold experiments with her looks, but one of her makeup decisions raises particularly many questions. The performer decided to combine blue eye shadow, which she applied to her eyebrows, and deep red lips.


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