It makes the legs look shorter and the hips look wider: 5 models of summer pants that should not be worn by women 40+

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Models of trousers that spoil the look.

Do not "blindly" follow trends. After all, some trends successfully emphasize shape, and some are detrimental to appearance. For example, the latter can "shorten growth," add extra volume, and change the proportions of the figure unfavorably.

Which trendy pants models are not desirable for women over 40? Read about them in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Culottes

This is a model with a high or medium landing. It has fairly wide trousers below the knees. It is better to refuse culottes for women of any age. Because they visually distort the silhouette and shorten the legs. It is unlikely that you want to achieve such an effect.


2. Ultra-low-fit pants

This model was popular in the 90s. And it would have been better to stay there. Today it is back in the trends. However, you should be careful with these pants. They change the proportions of the figure, making the owner "lower". Instead, pay attention to styles with a medium or high fit.


3. Colored leggings.

Yes, you need to add bright accents to your images. Except it's important for women 40+ not to overdo it. You need to choose leggings in a calm color (soft pink, blue or, for example, camel) and without a print or with a minimalistic pattern.


4. The pants with an elastic band

Jeans or pants with an elastic band look cheap and do not fit into all images. A great alternative is denim pants or high-waisted flared pants. With them, your every outing will be stylish and relevant.


5. Baggy jeans

These are baggy jeans that "came" in 2023 from the noughties. They should not be worn because Baggy jeans ruin the proportions of the figure. They weigh down the image and solidly add volume to the legs and hips.


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