Indoor flowers will bloom immediately: a universal fertiliser has been named

Regular sugar can bring weakened plants back to life

Remember how an ordinary little candy can help you quickly regain strength and improve your mood. You were in no mood and had no desire to do anything, but then you had a sweet treat and everything changed immediately. This is the situation of wilted indoor plants, which are wasting away and look bad - they lack strength. If you've ever wondered how to save a weakened flower, the answer that may surprise you is sugar.

According to Homes and Gardens, sweet feeding can stimulate a weak plant to recover and even make it bloom soon. The main thing to remember is that you should only pamper your garden with sweets when necessary, and not on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of sugar fertilisation?

Weakened plants, having received a portion of sweets, briefly increase the level of sugars in their cells. This gives them the strength to recover faster. Also, once it gets into the soil, sugar can feed the microbes that live there and help the greenery thrive. So, this watering can be a booster and restore the greens you were ready to give up on.

To prepare a mixture that will help revive a weak plant, take a litre of settled soft water, add a tablespoon of regular crystal sugar to it and mix thoroughly so that it dissolves completely. Water the weakened flowers with this syrup in the usual amount.

An important note: sugar should not be used to feed newly transplanted plants that look wilted. They are going through a shocking period and it is natural for them to weaken a little during this time. They will soon recover on their own or with the help of the usual fertiliser. Transplanted flowerpots do not need such intensive fertilisation.

But when adding sugar will definitely be beneficial is when you decide to please yourself with cut flowers. Add a teaspoon of the sweet substance to the vase and your bouquet will stay fresh for longer.

Why this option is not suitable for regular watering.

First of all, plants do not metabolise food sugar the way the human body does. The glucose they eat has a different chemical composition. Instead, ordinary refined sugar, if you overfeed flowers with it, can block the roots, they will stop absorbing water from the soil and rot, which will kill the whole plant. So use sugar watering as an emergency aid and you will see a good result.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about an organic fertiliser based on ordinary beetroot, which can be used to nourish plants during each watering.

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