If you didn't have time to lose weight: 5 life hacks to hide figure flaws on the beach. Photo.

Swimsuit decor can both hide and emphasise flaws

Many girls start preparing for the beach season long before the summer. They go to the gym, eat right, don't eat 3-4 hours before bed, run and do yoga. However, it is worth remembering that a lot also depends on clothes and accessories.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you about some tricks on how to correct your figure with a swimsuit and beach attributes. There are also more humane methods to look stunning on the coast (scroll to the end of the page to see the photos).

1. Choose the right swimsuit style

A one-piece swimsuit is not always a good idea for girls with curves. After all, it can emphasise all the flaws. When choosing a swimsuit, you should keep in mind the visual effects: vertical necklines - elongate the silhouette; high-waisted swimming trunks - lengthen the legs; ruffles and draperies - add volume.


2. Choosing the right swimsuit colour

Colour can visually balance almost any figure. Dark shades hide volumes, while bright and light shades add to them. For example, black inserts on the sides of a swimsuit will create a beautiful waistline. And a swimsuit with a light top and dark bottom will correct a figure with wide hips and small breasts.


3. Pareos

If you choose the right colour of the pareo, you can get rid of several sizes. Girls with curvaceous shapes should avoid large prints, while petite girls will go for medium-sized patterns. To hide the volume of the hips, tie this accessory high on the waist.


4. Accessories

Small details will distract attention from flaws. In this way, you can shift the vector of attention from your curvaceous hips to a bright beach bag, necklace, bracelets, unusual glasses or bandana. In addition, hats will not only protect you from sunstroke, but also hide imperfect hair condition.


5. Posture

The companions of a round back are a drooping stomach and sides. Moreover, this is typical even for those girls who are not overweight. A flat back accentuates the beautiful chest and lower back. That is why you should never forget about your posture.


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