"If we let him in, we'll join the Russian aggressors": putinist Leps' concerts were cancelled in another country

Leps loses earnings

The Russian singer and ardent fan of the Kremlin regime, Grigory Leps, continues to be cut off from oxygen. The artist is being deprived of the opportunity to earn money abroad, proving that residents of the occupying country are not welcome anywhere. This time, the artist was banned from performing in Kyrgyzstan, citing the fact that he actively supports the genocide of Ukrainians. Before that, he was not allowed to enter Kazakhstan.

According to Radio Azzatyk, Leps' concert was scheduled for 2 August in the city of Cholpon-Ata. However, outraged posts began to appear online calling for the closure of ticket sales and the cancellation of the show. Kyrgyz political analyst Almaz Tajibay called the singer a person who promotes war and death.

"Let the authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic not allow a person who promotes war and death to enter the beautiful Kyrgyz Issyk-Kul. 'A glass of vodka' (as Tajibay calls Leps - ed.) spends the money he collects from concerts on rewarding those who killed Ukrainians. If Russian citizens who support the war are allowed into the country, we will join the Russian aggressors!" the politician wrote on his Facebook page.


Below his post, we read comments from netizens: "Following the ship...", "Such assh*les should not set foot on our holy land! These are the propagandists of war, mercenaries of the bloodthirsty Putin".


In addition, the concert programme of Grigory Leps in Uzbekistan, scheduled for 23 October, will also not take place. Following the negative reaction of citizens, the organisers refused to hold the event.

As a reminder, Leps and Baskov recently announced that they were ready to pay the Russian military a million rubles for the Leopard tank that was shot down in Ukraine. This "noble initiative" will allegedly be joined by other artists and media personalities of the Russian Federation, who will sponsor the payments.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, Grigory Leps visited a hospital in the temporarily occupied Donetsk and said that his music helps better than medicine. He was accompanied by Russian Children's Rights Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova, whose arrest warrant was issued by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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