"I have goosebumps": Katheryn Winnick bursts into tears after seeing the consequences of Russian terror in Irpin

Katheryn Winnick shared her impressions after her visit to Ukraine

The star of the Vikings TV series, Canadian actress of Ukrainian descent, director and producer Katheryn Winnick could not hold back her tears when she visited the long-suffering Ukrainian city of Irpin. She spoke to the mayor of the city and saw the consequences of Russian terror with her own eyes.

The actress called on her fans to donate to help Ukrainians. She posted the footage from Irpin on Instagram (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

"I had goosebumps while talking to the mayor of Irpin, Oleksandr Markushyn. In Irpin itself, the bodies of 290 civilian victims were found, and witnesses and prosecutors talk about a month of terror. A disproportionate number of victims are women. This must be put to an end," wrote Katheryn Winnick.


The photo shows that the star was shocked and shocked by the stories about Russian terrorism. She closed her eyes and burst into tears.


"I was shocked by the destruction in Irpin when I visited the area with United24. Seeing everything with my own eyes made me realise how many families are suffering. All lives matter," the actress added.


On May 5, UNITED24, a global initiative in support of Ukraine, celebrated its one-year anniversary, so Katheryn Winnick and another Hollywood star, Ivanna Sakhno, came to Kyiv. As you know, Katheryn Winnick will focus on the Restore Ukraine programme, which will help rebuild buildings in war-torn areas.

It should be added that the actress's ancestors are from Ukraine. In the 1940s, they fled from Soviet rule. Katheryn's mother and father were born in Nazi Germany, and then the family emigrated to Canada. You can see a photo of the star with her father here.

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