How Ukrainians can vote in the finals of Eurovision 2023: step by step instructions

After the performances of all the finalists of Eurovision 2023, viewers will be allowed to vote for their favorites. This year, the rules have been changed slightly, so Euro fans from any country, not only from the participating states, will be able to cast their votes.

The Ukrainians, as always, will be able to vote for any country-finalist, except their own. The audience will have about an hour for this (to see photos and video, scroll to the end of the page). OBOZREVATEL will hold an online broadcast of the final of Eurovision-2023. It starts on Saturday, May 13, at 22:00 Kyiv time.

The result in the finals will be formed by the spectator vote and the scores of the national jury. The hosts will officially announce when it will be possible to send SMS or vote in the app.

Ukrainians will not be able to vote for TVORCHI by Ukrainian phone number. Citizens of Ukraine abroad can vote online at if the state where they are located will not be competing in the finals. This is a paid opportunity.


Viewers will be able to cast their votes via the official Eurovision app for Android and iOS, as well as via text message. The numbers to which the code of the participant will have to be sent are displayed on the screens during the live broadcast and on the website To vote from Ukraine, you need to send an SMS with a voter code of 7576. It costs 7.44 UAH.

A maximum of 20 SMS can be sent. These can be votes for one country or different numbers.

Below you can see the numbers for SMS voting in each of the participating countries. In the last column is the cost per message for the different countries.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about the order in which 26 countries will perform in the grand final. We also remind you what tracks charmed and surprised the audience.

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