How to turn any T-shirt into a cropped top: this tiphack has gone viral. Video

How to turn a T-shirt into a cropped top

Many people are used to thinking, wrongly, that to create a stylish and trendy image you need a lot of money, which should be regularly spent to replenish your closet with new clothes. However, in fact, it's enough to show your imagination or to look for fashion-lifestyle tips from fashion bloggers who know how to "rebirth" their clothes.

So, a popular Influencer on TikTok named Brittany shared a useful trick to help turn an old oversize T-shirt into a trendy cropped top. A video of the girl sharing her fashion trick has gone viral online, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and lots of reviews (scroll to the bottom of the page to see) .

All you need is one elastic band: a hair band or a paper clip.

In the video, Brittany shows how she took an elastic band and tied one end around the center of her bra. She then took the other end, pulled her t-shirt down, and used the same elastic band to tie a part of her top.


Next, the blogger tucked the tied part under the bottom and spread the T-shirt around the waist.

In this way, she made the T-shirt more comfortable and effective. It does not need to be tucked into jeans, pants or a skirt. In addition, you can adjust the length of the resulting top - make it shorter, opening the navel and emphasizing the waist, or, conversely, not to show the belly.


In the comments viewers wrote Brittany's words of gratitude for the fact that she showed a fashionable and very simple in execution fashion trick: "I will definitely try", "All genius is simple", "It really looks much better".


As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, a fashion blogger from Germany named Tanya showed her subscribers how to transform a cardigan into a sweater, bolero, as well as to shorten it originally. The fashion trick went viral online.

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