How to take care of hair in the summer, so it does not turn into "straw": five rules

Heat protection is your best friend

According to the season, we have to change our care not only for our skin, but also for our hair. Sunlight, sea salt and dust make our hair dry, brittle and lifeless. What to do in this situation? It is imperative to apply thermal protection to the curls and pay proper attention to hydration. Moreover, few people think about the fact that due to the change of diet in summer, our hair is left without the important nutrients it needs all year round.

OBOZREVATEL shares important tips on how to maintain the beauty of hair in the heat. After the summer season, you do not have to hide your curls under headgear and give your paycheck to restore them.

1. UV Protection

In summer, it's important to apply thermal protection not only before drying and styling your hair. If you go outdoors, spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner-spray with SPF-filters.

2. Moisturize your hair

This is the most active treatment of the summer season. Use care products with oils in them. You can also pay attention to the oils themselves, but you should use them sparingly. A few drops of the product is enough to smooth the strands. Don't forget to drink more water to moisturize your hair from the inside.


3. Nourishing your curls

In the heat we want to eat more light foods. Meat and fish dishes, legumes, porridges and casseroles take second place. So, despite the abundance of seasonal fruits and vegetables, the hair can lack protein and amino acids, B vitamins and important minerals. So try to add to your diet vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, iron, zinc and copper.

4. Natural drying of the hair

In summer, it is preferable to resort to natural drying of hair. After washing, towel dry your tresses, apply oil and do your chores until your strands are dry. Afterwards, use thermal protection and do your styling.


5. Scalp Scrubbing

Once or twice a month, exfoliate your scalp with a gentle scrub or exfoliator. Don't forget to wash your hair in two steps and do a light self-massage.

We shall remind you that recently OBOZREVATEL wrote about what hairstyles are ideal for the summer heat. In order not to seem trivial, make a high ponytail and wrap the elastic band with a curl, or try to perform a parting zigzag.

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