How to remove dust throughout the house so that it doesn't fly around: the method will amaze you

Damp microfibre prevents dust from crumbling

When cleaning your home, one of the most challenging tasks is to remove dust from the highest shelves and surfaces, as well as from the corners of the ceiling and the ceiling itself. This is not only physically difficult. From such a height, dust scatters all over the room. That is why it is advised to start cleaning it from the top. But experienced cleanliness enthusiasts say that the amount of dust flying down can be significantly reduced.

OBOZREVATEL tells you about this method. You will need:

  • a long-handled brush or mop;
  • a microfibre cloth;
  • a few clothespins;
  • a spray bottle;
  • any fabric softener.

Wrap the working part of the brush or mop with the microfibre cloth and secure it with clothespins. Prepare the fabric softener in a spray bottle with water. For a full container of water, you will need only 0.5 caps of the product. Mix everything thoroughly and spray some of the liquid onto the cloth. The cloth should be slightly damp, not wet.

Now you can use the tool to wipe high points and hard-to-reach places. The microfibre cloth can be removed, rinsed, wrung out well and used again to continue cleaning. You can also use a mop with a removable microfibre nozzle.

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