How to match a manicure colour to a skin tone: 3 secrets used by the stars. Photo.

Manicure colour can be selected according to skin tone

The pleasant agony of choosing a new manicure can be halved if you know which polish is suitable for each skin tone. These secrets are used by stars who strive to look perfect in the paparazzi lenses and on the red carpet.

You only need to know three rules to avoid making a mistake with the choice of colour. OBOZREVATEL will tell you more about them (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

To determine your skin tone, you need to look at your hands in daylight, placing them against a white sheet.


When you have decided on your skin colour, it's time to choose a manicure.

For fair skin

Women with fair skin are the luckiest. Both nude shades and bright varnishes will look equally beautiful on their hands. However, there is a nuance that should be taken into account by beauties with very pale skin. It is better for them to avoid dark colours that would emphasise aristocratic pallor, making it unhealthy.


For dark skin

Sun-tanned skin is best emphasised by golden shimmer polishes, which are very popular nowadays. A dark manicure will visually make your fingers look longer and more graceful. In particular, chocolate, burgundy, dark green, and other similar varnishes will look good. White, acidic, and multi-coloured designs should be avoided.


For olive skin

Skin with an olive tone, which is the result of the presence of green and yellow pigments in the upper layer of the epidermis, can be complemented by bright colours and cool shades of varnish. The darker the nails, the lighter the skin will look against them. At the same time, warm varnishes should be chosen by women who want to look more tanned.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about a structured manicure that can save weak and brittle nails. This technique uses a special gel base that smoothes and aligns nails. To find out the details, follow the link.

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