How to make rejuvenating makeup: seven tricks from makeup artists that everyone can repeat

Makeup artists shared their rejuvenating makeup secrets

Rejuvenating makeup makes your skin look radiant and helps you look a few years younger in just a few minutes. It's also quite economical because it requires the use of a minimum amount of products. Makeup artists who put makeup on celebrities every day know that a thick layer of foundation and heavy arrows can only add to age.

These professionals have other tricks that anyone can repeat while applying makeup at home. Elle writes about it.

Trick number one - light foundation

In order to achieve the effect of skin highlighting from within, you should choose a moisturizing toner of liquid consistency. It is important to choose a color so that it perfectly matches or adapts to your skin tone.

At the same time, you should avoid foundations with a matte formula as they are very visible on the skin and accentuate wrinkles and other textures.

The second trick is expressive eyebrows

The fashion for thin, plucked eyebrows is a thing of the past. For several years in a row, natural, voluminous eyebrows that visually make the face look younger have been on trend.

If they are not thick and long enough by nature, correctly selected products allow to fill the gaps and to bring the eyebrows to the ideal shape. This may be eyebrow gels with a brush, as well as special markers for drawing individual hairs.

Makeup artists advise to apply such cosmetic products with vertical movements upwards, and at the same time to take care not to emphasize too much the curve of the eyebrows, so that they do not look as if they were drawn with a marker.


Trick Three - Illuminating Concealer

This product will highlight facial features and conceal dark circles under the eyes and imperfections on the skin.

To lighten it, apply the concealer to areas where light is naturally reflected: between the eyebrows, on the temples, along the nose line, in the hollow of the upper lip and on the chin.

Trick number four - a thin arrow that opens up the look

You should give up liquid eyeliner if you want to look younger, because it gives your makeup a more graphic and heavy look, and can make your eyes visually smaller.

You can use black or gray pencils instead. It's also important to try to draw the entire arrow, pulling it towards the temple, not just the tip - this will open up the look and not give your face a tired look.

You can also use a satin-coated shadow and a soft pencil for eye makeup.

"Apply a light shade on the entire eyelid, and a darker one - just above the crease and in the outer corner, so you "open" the eye. Accentuate the upper lash line by drawing a line with a pencil, starting not from the very corner. Do not draw a sharp line under the eye, underline the lower eyelid with half the darker shadows. For rejuvenating eye makeup, choose color palettes that make it easy to find light and dark shadows in the same tone," makeup artists advise.

Some of them also recommend emphasizing the lower mucosa of the eye with a white pencil to make the look even more expressive and open.


The fifth trick is blush

This product helps to revitalize the complexion and visually rejuvenate it. In particular, blushes with a glossy finish highlight any skin tone.

However, if you have severe redness on your face, you should avoid blush in a rich fuchsia color, as it will further accentuate your skin tone.

How to apply blush? Makeup artists advise to use the smile method - smile yourself in the mirror and apply the products to the tops of your cheeks with a brush. Then shrink the blush towards the temples.

Trick number six - long lashes

Properly colored, long and separated lashes are as good as an arrow to open the eye. However, extensions or false eyelashes can on the contrary overload the eye.

It is best to use mascara or, as makeup artists do, two at once. First, they advise to apply mascara for volume on the upper and lower lashes, and then take a mascara to lengthen the lashes and apply it to the outer corner of the eye.


The seventh trick - emphasized lips

As we age, our lips can become paler, lose their clear contour and volume - this is due to the natural loss of collagen. To correct this with makeup, makeup artists advise first drawing a pencil outline and then applying lipstick of the same color.

"If you want to make sure your lipstick color matches your pencil perfectly, buy a ready-made set of both cosmetics," makeup artists say.

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