How to make legs look longer: tricks with clothes and shoes that really work. Photo

Combine multiple techniques

Not all women are born with long legs. However, many dream to appear taller and look like models. There are many ways to visually lengthen legs and most importantly, it is not necessary to wear high heels. It is enough to create a successful look and pay attention to accessories.

OBOZREVATEL will share how to pick up the right jeans and shoes. In addition, posture (straightens your back and lifts your chin), tan (tanned legs seem thinner) and jewelry play an important role as well  (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

How to optically elongate your legs?

1. The right jeans

Pay attention to high-waisted models. Look for flared pants or skinnies. Despite the fact that tight jeans have long gone out of fashion, they perfectly elongate the legs. To appear slimmer and taller, buy pants of the same tone, preferably dark color.


2. Emphasize the waist

To make your legs appear slim and long, emphasize your waist. Stock up on clothes of a certain cut or belts that you will use to complete the look.


3. The right shoes

Ankle boots, boots, sandals with ties around the ankle are not the most suitable option for low ladies. They "crush" the legs. Instead, take shoes on a platform (both sandals and sneakers), variants on a low kiten heel (very stylish) and models with a deep neckline (for example, ballet flats, which open the whole foot almost to the toes).


4. Vertical stripes

If you are bored with monochrome pants, the best solution is to replace them with striped ones. The main rule is that the stripe should be vertical, as horizontal on the contrary will make the girl more massive and lower. By the way, jeans and skirts with slits also have a stunning effect.


5. The right skirt

It is strictly forbidden to wear skirts below the knee with flat-soled shoes. High waist, mini in combination with a small heel and skirt with a horizontal cut to the hip will be your best friends.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote how girls with low height should pick up the perfect maxi length skirt to create a luxurious outfit. It should be higher from the floor by 1-1.5 centimeters and have a medium fit.

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