How to make a bouquet of flowers last longer: ingenious tricks

Pruning, regular water changes and fertilisation will make the flowers significantly longer lasting

Spring is the season of flowers, so right now you may feel like having delicate tulips, fragrant hyacinths or luxurious roses in your home. Besides, March 8 is coming up - the day when it is customary to give women flowers. Therefore, the question of how to make the bouquet last as long as possible will be very relevant these days.

OBOZREVATEL has collected the main tips for caring for cut flowers. How to prolong their life with the help of home remedies and small tricks?

How to process a fresh bouquet

As soon as you bring the flowers home, do some simple manipulations with them. First of all, cut off the ends of the stems. During transport, they dry out and lose their ability to pass water. Therefore, to make the flowers last longer, make a fresh cut. In this case, pruning should be done at an angle of 45 degrees. This way, the contact of the stems with the bottom of the vase will be minimal, which will slow down the process of their decay.

How to care for a bouquet in a vase

To avoid the excessive growth of bacteria and fungi that accelerate wilting in a vase, the water in the vase should be changed daily. The vase itself should also be rinsed with fresh water.

Never put flowers in cold or warm water. It should be at room temperature. Chilled boiled water is a good choice.

And don't forget to cut off any leaves that fall below the water level. They will soon begin to rot and spoil the water. In addition, transpiration, the evaporation of water that the plant has absorbed, takes place through the leaves. Thus, removing the leaves will retain more moisture in the flowers.

Where to place the vase with the bouquet

Avoid placing the bouquet near heat sources, as this will accelerate the drying of the flowers. Direct sunlight will also be detrimental to them. A shaded, cool place is an ideal choice.

Home remedies to extend the life of a bouquet

Some flower shops may offer ready-made mixtures that can be added to the water for the bouquet. But this is not a very economical choice, especially if you change this water every day. One of the most effective life hacks is to insert a match with the head up into the stem after you cut it. The substance that ignites the match will also protect the flower from the development of harmful bacteria and fungi.

You can also mix a teaspoon of sugar and apple cider vinegar and add this mixture to the water. Sugar will provide nourishment for the flowers, and vinegar will acidify the water, which is good for preserving the beauty of plants. However, this mixture will definitely need to be changed daily, as the sugar solution is also a good breeding ground for microorganisms.

A tablet of effervescent aspirin is also a good choice to extend the life of the bouquet. It will also acidify the water and limit the growth of microbes in it. To disinfect water, you can add 1-2 drops of bleach to it. But no more than that.

Finally, drop a copper coin into the bottom of the vase. It will prevent the development of mould and bacteria. But it will need to be washed with every water change.

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