How to instantly "lose weight" by 10 pounds: three rules in the selection of clothing can work wonders. Photo

How to instantly ''lose weight'' by 10 pounds with clothes

The fight against excess weight is a laborious and long process, which will not give the desired results without sufficient physical activity and a proper balanced diet. However, every woman at least once in her life (and most likely much more often) had a situation where it was necessary for a very short time to bring yourself into ideal shape. It is impossible to do this without harming your health, but there are effective fashion tricks that help create the illusion of "minus 10 pounds.

The effective smart tricks are shared by the blogger Dominique Sachs in one of her videos on YouTube. She told viewers that the clothes they wear - right down to shape, style and color - can play an important role in making them look larger or smaller.

Tip 1: Experiment with monochromatic clothing


An outfit created from a single color clothing is a proven way to look slimmer. And it's not just about frowny black looks, as many ladies used to think. Monochromatic pieces don't have to be dark. Choose bright colors: blue, orange, emerald, purple, red and many others. As Dominique notes, such shades "scream confidence in a woman and draw attention to her boldness."

Tip 2: Choose A-silhouette dresses


A-silhouette dresses are those that are tight at the top and smoothly expand to the bottom, reminiscent of the silhouette of the letter "A". The trick is that this style will tighten the waist and at the same time "slightly hide the hips and thighs. It is better to choose dresses with long sleeves, to visually lengthen the arms. If you think about buying such a dress, look for a dress in bright red. According to the blogger, tomato and ruby shades suit warm skin tones, and bluish-red - to cool tones.

Tip 3: Invest in slimming clothes


Even if you've found the perfect dress or a gorgeous pantsuit, it's very important what goes underneath it. There are many different types of corrective clothing that can solve the problems of an "imperfect" body. If you are ashamed of your belly, hips, or bust, then be sure to look closely at slimming bikinis, corsets, and bras. They will become an integral part of your closet and faithful assistants in creating a smooth silhouette and figure correction.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL also told that with the help of fashion tricks you can look 10 years younger. There are fashion flyhacks that will help to create a delicate and youthful image without ultra-trendy novelties. Learn more in our material.

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