How to get the best second-hand items and bring them back to new condition: tips

How to choose clothes in a second-hand store

Second-hand clothing has long been not only about saving money, but also about the opportunity to buy high-quality or even branded items. Naturally, the main advantage is cheapness; on certain days, you can buy clothes for just a penny.

If you don't visit such stores too often, or have decided to discover second-hand for the first time, OBOZREVATEL has selected interesting life hacks that will help you find good clothes. The basic rule is simple: you just need to know how and where to look.

How to treat second-hand clothes

First, let's talk about the main disadvantage of second-hand clothes - the smell. Normal washing does not always get rid of a specific smell. Therefore, experts advise a "radical" option. Pour 1 litre of cool water into a container and add 10 ml of ammonia. The soaking process will be long. Cotton clothes should be kept in the solution for at least an hour, and other fabrics, including synthetics, for 6 hours.

Dry the clothes in the open air. This life hack is suitable for all things - white, black and coloured.

If ammonia does not help, try running the washing cycle and adding a few drops of essential oil to the powder.

Rules for finding clothes

Here are five effective tips to help you navigate the process of choosing used clothes.

Rule 1. Make a list of things

Usually, second-hand clothes are placed with minimal sorting: at best, there may be sections by size or type of clothing - jeans, dresses, jackets, etc. So before you go to the store, make a list of things you really need. When newcomers enter a second-hand store, they often get lost and don't know what to look for and where to look. A list made in advance will save you time and money.

Rule 2. Pay attention to details

Make sure that the old clothes are in good condition. Check the seams, zips, linings, buttons.

Rule 3: Assess the quality

Old clothes may not be of the best quality. For example, when choosing a sweater, check the condition of the fabric, whether there are any so-called "pills" on it - lumps of tangled fibres. You can try stretching the item - if it does not return to its original shape, the fabric is of poor quality.

Rule 3: Shopping day

There are stores that offer substantial discounts depending on the day of replenishment. However, be careful: huge discounts are usually offered on low-quality items. It is best to choose a day when the average discount is 40-60%.

Rule 4. Check the seams

Be sure to pay attention to the seams, especially when choosing jeans. If they are not too frayed, it means that the jeans have not been worn for long.

Rule 5. Clothes with and without tags

Clothes with tags are the best option for buying second-hand. It is highly likely that no one has worn it yet. Such items may cost a little more, but the prices will still be several times lower than in regular stores.

At second-hand stores, you can choose simple clothes that you won't feel sorry to spoil. For example, things for the garden.

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