How to get rid of spiders at home: a simple and safe way

Fragrance sprays and chestnuts can help get rid of unwanted neighbors

Usually spiders in the house are quite safe neighbors. But they are very unpleasant. Arachnophobia - the fear of these creatures - is quite a common feature of the human psyche. So we often think about how to kick spiders out of the house.

The publication The Sun tells about several fairly cheap ways to help drive away unwanted neighbors with the help of smells.But first, experts advise to get rid of dust in the house. It is in the most dusty places that these creatures like to visit. After all, these are corners where they will not be disturbed - and spiders do not really like the company of people.

Also they do not like some very pleasant smells. So a spider repellent can be made with their own help, without using toxic ingredients.


The strong smell of these fruits does not like spiders. Therefore, you can take the fresh juice of a lemon or orange, mix it in equal proportions with water and using a sprayer spray this mixture on corners where spiders like to visit. It is worth to treat the window sill separately, because it is through it spiders enter the apartment more often. But be careful, cats also do not like this smell. Furniture polishes and citrus-scented cleaning liquids can be a solution.


A pleasant fresh smell is effective in repelling spiders. To make the necessary remedy for this, you can buy peppermint essential oil and apply it a drop at a time in those places where you most often notice spiders or cobwebs.

You can also make a spray based on this oil. Twenty drops of the product drop on a small pinch of table salt, add to a glass of water and stir well. You can treat window sills, baseboards, vents and even textiles with this spray. Periodically repeat the procedure so that the smell does not disappear.


Ordinary chestnuts, which can be picked right outside for free, are said to secrete a substance that spiders cannot tolerate. Chestnut bowls or chestnuts themselves can be placed in corners where you have noticed spiders. This includes under the bed and in other dark places.

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